O/A Levels

O/A Levels

O/A Levels

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O/A Levels Online Tutoring from Global Link Education

Global Link Education provides all the key factors to help you excel at the O/A levels SAT and A* exams. Make sure you are prepare on test day. Start your adventure towards great effects with us!
Learn O/A Levels Course With Global Link Academy is recognize by employers and universities.
Depending on the university’s admission requirements to which you are applying. Global Link Education helps you in getting your degree. Our recent O/A levels students have been admitter to various top universities in the UK and abroad. We’ve created a Wall of Fame page celebrating your progress and success.

What is Global Link Education offering O/A levels and Different Subjects?

Global Link Academy is offering you.

Complete preparation

We experienced and well-trained faculty is a helping hand for the students. We offer a banquette of Human and IT resources that are a surety for success in your A/O levels exams.

Our Tutors are our asset

We believe in hiring the best faculty. Our teachers are not only well educated but continues trained. Also its continuous training sessions keep our tutors up-to-the-date and enable them to use the latest educational tools. Their tutors are
  1. Extensive
  2. Result-oriented
  3. Competent
  4. Trustworthy
  5. Highly Qualified
  6. Experienced holder (at National and International levels)
  7. Task wise Preparation planner
  8. Cambridge International Exams Specialist
  9. Subject Specialist

One-on-one or Group studies

Join Global Link Education to select the mode of study you like. We offer one-on-one and group studies to accommodate you according to your comfort.

Live and Online Classes

Global Link education offers you in-class tutoring as well as online. We use AI-enabled tools like Zoom and other study portals to make the studies more convenient and accessible to the students. Our systems have enabled us to cross the barriers of time and geographical location.

National/International Educational services

Our Educational services are not limited to national students, and students from across. The globe can enjoy learning from Global Link Education.

Communicate Globally

We aim to gather educators, students, mentors in one place. We provide a platform for students and teachers to communicate globally. Our platform is the right place for students to find a suitable tutor easy. Moreover, the education community is available. 24/7 to solve the problems of other members.

Benefits of Global Link Education for everyone:

For Tutors
Global Link Education is not only a platform. Online O/A levels Courses for students but also for teachers. Being our faculty member, you can have
Peer collaboration
Global Link Education provides you with an international platform. For peer collaboration with faculty across the globe.
Personalized profiles
We offer our faculties to make profiles that can add their credibility and plausibilty.
Global Reach to the students
Global link Education is a platform for the teacher to teach students worldwide. Many nationality holder students is the key to enhanced learning for the teacher themselves.
Market competitive remunerations
We offer market competitive remunerations and facilities like uninterrupted internet connection, and access to the international e-libraries.
Loyalty Reward program
We consider our tutors as our core asset. As, Global Link Education has introduced a loyalty reward program for teachers. The tutors who remain loyal to our educational system will get multiples rewards.
For Students
Global Link Education offers multiples benefits for the students. Moreover, being our student you will get
Hassle-free process of admission:
Our admission process is hassle free and just one click away.
Tutor of Your Choice:
Browse across the list of our tutors and choose the tutor of your choice.
Flexible pricing:
Pay for only what you need. Our prices are not fixed, plus we are not rigid in our modules. You can opt for one subject or multiples subjects, and we will help you achieve your dream goals of success.
In-Class Tutoring or Online Tutoring:
Global Link Education also offers both the options of in-class tutoring and online classes. Choose your tutor according to your choice.
Get Home Work Help
Our mentors are available round the clock to help the students with their homework tasks and exam preparations.
O/A Level Subjects Groups Detail:
You can have tutoring of one subject or the complete subject study. Global Link Education offers studies for multiples groups. The details of the major groups for O/A levels Studies are as under
Group 1: Our first group includes Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Math’s and Other Optional. Compulsory subjects students can opt for unlimited group tutoring or single-subject tutoring.
Group 2: We are provides tutoring for accounting, but our experienced teachers offer to tutor. Other groups Physics, Chemistry, Biology, GCSE, Math’s and Other Optional. Compulsory Subjects is a second major group for O/A levels Studies.
Group 3: Global Link Education tutors are not only science subject specials. Also we deal in an arts subject. Our art group comprised Law, Sociology, Psychology, Environmental Sciences and Other Optional/Compulsory Subjects. Are you searching for result-oriented tutors? Our tutors assure you of the best results. Get a free demo. Register Now
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