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We offer a wide range of GCSE and IGCSE Online Tutoring courses.
The IGCSE is the world’s most popular exam qualification for 14-16-year old and Cambridge universities and employers around the world recognize IGCSE.
Your child’s choice of IGCSE subjects can impact their future education and career. See Choosing Your Child’s IGCSE Subjects for guidance.
An academic qualification in a specific subject. Is which stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education taken in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
It provides you the opportunity to study the subject of your interest in greater detail. It can act as a milestone in the way of your higher studies giving you. The chance to explore more about the subject and opening those future steps in studies GC. It can be helpful for you and higher to get better scores in the IGCSE you need a proper instructor or the one who can guide you one on one whenever you need the guidance so to get surety about success it is. The need often of the hour to join well equipped. Online Academy having qualified and dedicated teachers. We can guide you whenever you want and provide you a personalized tutor for this. Global Link Online Academy is the best option.

Learn GCSE and Why Select Global Link Academy

As the world becomes a global village, these Lots of online academies are there with handsome slogans to catch your attention. Global link online Academy is very prominent among them because of our silent features.

Qualified and Dedicated Teachers

We have qualified and dedicated teachers to help you, and they are available for you all the time. You can even have an opportunity 2 have a personalized tutor. Our teachers are dedicate and well equipped, and they are ready to guide. Anytime you need them in a group class. The design of one-on-one meeting times for the students handles clearing every query of yours and solving the problems about the subject.
Our personalized tutors are responsible for guiding you via online classes, and other social sites like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, or any other option that you want.


The sole purpose of Global Link Education online Academy is to provide you GCSE guidance and help you to succeed beside extraordinary. Qualified and well-experienced teachers and staff. We have designed our fee package that any social class can afford. The one who cannot afford a personalized tutor can also Join our budget friendly academy. We have special discounts for top, high achievers in the previous class.


The physical distance does not matter if you have the spirit of learning and succeeding in life. So Global Link online Academy does not have any geographical boundaries. Anyone from any part of the world can get admission to get good grades, and we are providing. The facility for the foreigners to pay the fee in their currency behind this. Our sole purpose is to spread guidance and education around the world.


The teaching method used in Global Link online Academy is students, we encourage our students to ask any question, whatever makes a note in their minds. Our teachers are responsible for guiding them in the universal language. First, then in the regional language based on the student’s demands. We help to practice the journal questions and gulp the students to discover the deeper meaning of the material.

Macro and Micro-Learning

Global Link online Academy is committee to providing macro and micro-learning. That helps our students learn about their subject in greater detail that can help them become prominent among other students.
We have a unique study plan in which we offer online downloadable audio video tutorials by which students can get the benefit whenever they want. In other words, they can learn or watch and learn the video in their free time. With each audio video tutorial, we provide a questionnaire so that students can assess their learning by themselves.
We have a strong test series as a part of our study plan to help our students to prepare better for their GCSE exams. For the ease of the students, we have a self check checked test series students. So the students can download the paper solve and check by themselves. It is helpful to boost their confidence, and it can also give the students a better picture of their knowledge.

New Group Classes

Global Link online Academy has planned a group class for every student of the same course once a week. In which group discussions and a session of question answers give. Our study plan a distinct dimension by which students cannot only prepare themselves. For the IGCSE exam, but they learn better socializing the skill of listening patience and give them up the confidence to discuss their point of view in a crowd special question answer session help the students to get good info of their preparation for the exam.
Our handy guide tells you more about the transition from lower secondary to GCSE. Besides IGCSE, Global Link Education offers SAT and GRE online tutoring.

Parents are Invite

If you are interests in applying but are unsure, if your child is ready to study IGCSE. We offer pre tests in English, English as a Second Language, Math’s, Science, French, German and Spanish. Our admissions team will be happy to help you to have an online meeting with our tutors to take stock of progress.
IGCSE is an academic education equal to O levels in which you have an opportunity to study the subject of your interest. Global Link Education online Academy offers you the best solution to get good grades at a reasonable fee.
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