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The Graduate Record Examination GRE General Test is a standardized test designed, and administered by the Educational Testing Service that is known as ETS. The GRE test is design to measure academic readiness for graduate school in Verbal, Mathematics, and the essay.
It also assesses technical knowledge related to a specific discipline such as physics, psychology or mathematics. So, to succeed and get a higher score in your GRE Exam, you need knowledge of content math’s and the essay . This test is a need for formal higher degree education accepted in the USA, Germany, Australia, Canada and other western countries.
Some graduate and non-graduate programs in US or Canadian universities sponsored programs, and more than six hundred schools that take general admission test and a GRE Subject Test. The universities of North America generally must take GRE Test for admission in MS or PhD programs. This test requires only for higher degrees, not for job purposes. The duration of this test is thirty to forty-five or 170 minutes.

Validity and the success level of Score

The validity of the GRE test score is 5 years. Generally, a score above five to seven is consider a good one.

Choose the best online academy for your GRE Exam

Global Link Education system provides in-class and online tutoring. For the best GRE score Global Link Education is a pre-eminent. Online teaching institute with trained and experienced mentors. Our GRE courses are designed to help students at every level. Round-the-clock services, learning modules, experienced teacher is the best combination of Human and Artificial intelligence resources. State of the art teaching method guarantees you success.

We guarantee you the highest Score in your Exam. Our Core Competencies are


Affordable pricing

We offer you the best competitive, low pricing modules. Pay for only what you want to learn. Our payment method around your needs. Our courses start from beginner to trained level of learning and the prices.

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Easy-To-Follow Preparation Module Anywhere, Anytime

Time and Geographical location is not a hindrance in your test preparation anymore. With streaming on-demand lessons, you can prepare for the test from anywhere, any time. All you need is a passion for learning, a connection device, and an internet connection. Now, prepare for your GRE test on your terms.

One-on-one Tutoring

Global Link Education offers One-on-one, customized in-person or online tutoring. Personalized assignments and support are offer to keep you on track between the sessions.

Teaching Method

Global Link Education has adopted the Micro-Learning method for teaching. Our believe in mentoring our students with detailed video lectures (downloadable) and direct online interactions with tutors. This method has helped our students to achieve a targeted above six score.

Perfect Study Plan for Every One

A flexible study plan is offer to students of any age. Whether you have just started or you need help in chunks. Our micro designed courses are built to support you. It’s up to you and your preparation time, either 1, 2, or 3 months. If you need help with Quant, Math’s or Verbal. Our 6 study plans are design to mentor you to the point where you need it.

User Friendly Platform

Our student portals and other AI tools are user friendly. Whether they are teachers, students, or parents. Users have easy success with our courses GRE and SAT Tutoring . You can track your performance, have peer reviews and group discussions through customized and personalized IDs.
If you are planning to complete your graduate or postgraduate programs. In the universities of the US or Canada, you are required to pass the GRE test with a higher score. What are you waiting for? Join Global Link Education and get a GRE Exam score of 7.
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