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How to Online Education system work?

Select the course from the courses section as provided by the pre-planned courses section. After selecting the system, choose the teacher of your choice. An online class of 40-45 minutes is taken for free as a demo so that the child can get satisfied. Now the last and the crucial step, after the demo class, the student needs to signup/register for the properly scheduled classes (if satisfied).

Online Education system is way off spreading knowledge using electronic media, which is mostly dependent on the Internet. We can also discuss this as distance learning or electronically supported learning. In Online Education module Teachers and students interact via any electronic device having Internet support. The study material is also exchanged using different modes and systems. Out Break of Covid-19 pandemic and the introduction of the “stay-at-home and work-from-home” model of working have also transformed the education sector. Online study has replaced the traditional in-class or in-school learning and traditional “Sit-in-and-learn” libraries with digital and cloud-based library systems. The student-Teacher relationship has also been evolved from class collaboration to one-on-one collaboration. Now a day, online learning has become mandatory. The Online Education system comes with the following benefits.


Benefits of Online Education

Freedom of learning

The best and foremost advantage of the online education system is the freedom that helps you to settle down your schedule according to your ease, especially if you are working and want to increase your academic strength it gives you a chance to switch over to some other occupation or field of life according to your priorities.


Online Education Cost-Effective

This education system is cost-effective and helps you get enlightened in your limited budget as well. For instance, you don’t have to pay for transportation or car maintenance, parking, and many other things that require informal means/ ways of education


Communicate across the Globe Is Possible Online Education 

Another blessing of this education system is that it links you to many people within the country or sometimes around the globe that gives you a chance and confidence to communicate with people around the world. Hence, it helps you in increasing learning and knowledge.


Time Management

The time barrier is not a hindrance to learning anymore. The Global Link Education system has leveraged traditional time-bound classroom learning systems. Now students can learn at any time, regardless of the demographic location of their institution. The online education system provides more excellent connectivity, ease of learning, timeless and worldwide teaching programs. Students and teachers from across the globe gather in small online classes or education forums to provide better and more efficient learning experiences.


Trained teachers

Global Link Education System helps their staff in continuous study and online training. Our teachers are well trained, mannered and adopt Pure Islamic Culture. Our trained and well-educated faculty makes us an industry leader. Acquiring teachers from Global Link Education will support you and your children and the teacher to keep the process of online teaching uninterrupted learning sessions.


Electronic supported system Reduces Burdens

Online education frees you from lots of files, books, notes and documents as all the important material is saved in a formal online database, and you can get any required document in the time of need. In this way, your efficiency is increased with the decrease in traditional burdens of books.


Enhance your communication skills

Unlike a traditional classroom, this helps you communicate with your instructor in personal talk times, enhancing your confidence in problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills. It also allows you to defend your point of view in front of many other people of different schools of thought and superiors.


Online Education paired with Marketing Skills

Online Education Courses are accessible from anywhere and anytime, but you can get shocking results when paired with marketing. More education can give you a chance to excel in the world.


Negative Aspects of Online Education systems that can be eradicated

Everything has some negative impacts, and online learning also has some negative aspects mentioned below.


Connectivity issue

Besides many benefits or advantages, there are some hindrances to an online education system. First, there can be technical issues. Maybe you won’t have a proper Internet connection, or your gadget is not updated. Sometimes, there is an electric electricity problem that can hinder learning. Although electricity and the Internet are necessities of Online Teaching systems, an interruption in any of them can break the Communication Bridge among teachers and the students.


Screen Focus

Another issue is screen focus. It isn’t easy to focus on the screen for a long time, affecting eyesight. Students must focus on the teacher in a traditional classroom as the teacher continuously has an eye on them. In contrast, and then online class you can even have a cup of tea while having the most technical lesson or while reading very important notes you can enjoy the music of your choice as well.


Students may lose confidence

Online study also gives a feeling of isolation to the students. Maybe some of them lost their confidence to talk in public. The isolation of the students happens when a student is just listening and copying in the online course and not active in forum participation.

The biggest issue is teacher training. Lots of all teachers are well equipped and enlightened. But they feel difficult to handle the tools involved in online learning. So we at Global Link Education train our teachers to use AI-Enable tools and techniques and provide round-the-clock and uninterrupted internet services to deliver their best.


The online education market

The online education market is enormous. The online education market lets you know the value of the result that you can get from a specific institute during the COVID. Nearly 90% of the world’s formal schools to convert into online education systems, and this market got a kick boost after 2019

In 2020 the market of online education was two $250 billion. The online education market is growing by 21% annually. If the conditions of the globe remain and different countries adopt the lockdown policy in regular intervals, this market can hit $1 trillion by 2027. The introduction of new techniques, software, and AI tools enabled online academies to perform better and remain up-to-the-date. Transforming traditional learning schools into online teaching hubs has created immense competition among the institutes regardless of demographic locations. The learning institute has to upgrade its online infrastructures and Human resources to excel in the market.

Learning in an online educational institute like the Global Link Education system gives you a chance to explore a new world of possibilities. Teachers can also get the benefit of unlimited research and learning.

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