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Learning Islamic History and Culture Online


Our Islamic History begins with the story of creation. As, it continues through the time, when Prophet Adam (PBUH) descended to earth and when our beloved Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and His companions established an Ummah based on faith, equality, and justice.

The history and origins of Islam are essential components of any Muslim’s education. Therefore, an online Islam history course teaches students. Why Islam appealed to such a wide range of people, why the religion spread so quickly, and why it facilitated some of the most advanced thinking and discovery of its time.




The only requirement for classes on the Islamc History and its origins is that the student is at least (5) years old. Our instructors have extensive teaching experience and can help students of all ages and levels learn Islam history online by tailoring the message to each student.

Our online class in Islamic History offers a unique syllabus divided into five levels that span the history of Islam from creation to modern times. Moreover, the curriculum focuses on various topics. Intended to in still pride and knowledge of prominent Islamic figures and historical periods. This online Islamic education course incorporates teachings from the Quran and Hadith to better explain the context of Islamic History and culture.

This course’s instructors have a background in Islamic History, culture, religious studies, and the Arabic language. This in-depth understanding aids in contextualizing historical events with contemporary issues and identifying significant changes as they occur across space and time. So by the end of this course, our instructors will be able to provide students with the knowledge. Furthermore, they need to answer questions about how Islamic culture evolved into a global phenomenon.


Outlines of this course



Research the history of Islam online and work toward. The following learning objectives:

  1. Prophets of Islam’s Seerat
  2. Creation Story of Islam
  3. The Sahabas life and living Styles
  4. Righteous Caliphs
  5. Umayyad Caliphate
  6. Abbasid Caliphate, Crusades, and Mongols
  7. Modern Times of the Ottoman Caliphate


With 1.25 billion adherents, Islam is one of the most important members of the world religions family. As a result, this course serves as an introduction to Islam. Focusing on the various and complex identities that have shaped human understandings of Islam throughout history. Also, the course focuses on Islam’s origins and development, fundamental beliefs and practices, and its impact on defining Muslim cultures.


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