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The students are mostly criticized for not being able to read, write, and speak Urdu education. The students’ predicament is caused by the country’s education system and patterns. Now that there are numerous practical fields where a good command of the language is required, mass communication students are frequently confronted with the problem of not knowing the proper wording and words to use. It is widespread to hear different versions of our national language, such as Punjabi mixed gulabi, Pakhtoon, Sindhi, and Nawabi Urdu. Although diversity makes it sound more interesting, people own their language in their unique ways.


How to improve Urdu


Listen open ears


The first step in learning any language is to keep your ears open to the language. Literature is one of the most diverse, and numerous Urdu writers’ books have been translated into other languages, including Persian and English. You can watch old Pakistani television shows. The more you listen to people who speak proper Urdu, the more you will learn new words and appropriate accents. You can also watch the poetry program “Mushairah,” which is a fascinating way to learn the different uses of the exact words.


The Ancient Trick of learning is reading books.


Reading books is the oldest and most widely used trick. English Medium students are slow and clumsy readers, but it is okay to be imperfect first. You are reading as much as you can to help you become a better writer. It is not necessary to only read newspapers to learn Online instead, choose a book. Books on every dimension and aspect of a person’s personality can be found in Urdu literature.


Practice Makes Perfect


Now that you are listening to and reading Urdu, you must also practice it.
Begin by thinking in proper languages. While making your plans, use appropriate language, try to use as many Urdu words as you can, and practice as much. Write a short paragraph every day to practice your writing skills.

1 hour per day


Speak Urdu aloud to yourself and others


Try to set aside an hour of your day where you make a point of not using any words from any other language other than. Be very strict with yourself at this hour; think, write, and primarily speak in Urdu. The rule may appear amusing, but it is highly beneficial in learning a proper language. Our mentors will help you in speaking, writing, and learning Urdu.


Take charge of it


While speaking with or listening to someone who has a good command of the language, try to imitate them. Assume you are sitting in their place, maintain proper body language, and begin to cope with their accent and the words they have used. It is the rehearsal for the skit. You are not being asked to adopt another person’s style here; instead, it is only for learning.


How To Learn Urdu online language course?


  • After about three months, you will have mastered the fundamental Urdu vocabulary.
  • You only need to spend about 15-20 minutes per day learning.
  • Every day, intelligent educational software assigns you a task. As a result, you learn as effectively as possible.
  • Even without installation, you can learn in a very user-friendly manner. The Urdu language course is simple to use, even for laypeople.
  • Your learning style is taken into account when developing the learning methods—as a result, having fun while learning is guaranteed.


The learning methods:


  1. The unique long-term memory learning method allows you to learn a new language quickly and comfortably. After a few weeks, you should be able to communicate fluently.
  2. You are given various daily tasks and a variety of learning methods, which motivate you to continue learning daily.
  3. You can connect with like-minded people and make new friends through the language-learner-24-insider-learning community.


Memorizing Urdu Words


It can be challenging to remember and recall the Urdu words you’ve studied. What methods do you use to remember words when learning a new language? Perhaps you listen to music or create flashcards. Check out our list of the best ways to remember Urdu words above. Maybe you can snare one for yourself!


Topic Covered in Urdu Language Course


The following topics will be covered in the Urdu course:

  1. The Urdu-basis course provides you with a basic vocabulary of over 1,300 words.
  2. Thanks to the dialogue texts and numerous expressions, the words are placed in a thematic context. As a result, you learn the words correctly and in the context of complete sentences.
  3. All texts and vocabulary are read aloud by native speakers, allowing you to learn the proper language and how it is spoken.
  4. Because some new grammar is learned in each exercise, you will understand the language thoroughly.


Benefits of Learning Urdu with Global Link Education


Once you’ve completed the introductory course, you’ll reap the following benefits:



While traveling:


Broaden your horizons by traveling through Pakistan, where you will understand all the people and be able to communicate fluently with the locals.


At work:


You’re personal fluent and business-fluent Urdu will provide you with better career and promotion opportunities. Because of your language skills, you can work in Pakistan at any time – now or later.


Leisure Time Activity


In your spare time, you can watch Urdu movies and TV shows.


Read Urdu books


Global Link Education tutors help students to read Books by themselves. Meet new people in your relationships. Do you have a bilingual partner? Then you’ll be able to communicate with your partner more effectively in language.


Maintain a healthy brain:


A higher level of education will improve your quality of life and increase your life expectancy. Language learners, according to studies, are less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

Global Link Education provides tutoring on all subjects required to help you achieve excellence in the SATs and A*s in O Level exams.

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