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The students will gain the experience and knowledge required to meet. The necessary criteria through theoretical study and practical activity in this English courses. The theory content will be deliver via our online modules. While the practical activity will be complete during a placement. In a real-world teaching position. This can be a position that the student already has at the start of the course. Or found throughout their studies with Global Link Education. It can be locate at a school, college, or community group. The only restriction is that there must be a mentor at the placement. Who can support and verify the student’s work.

Online English Tutoring with Global Link Education

Global Link Education’s mission, with students at the centre, is to enable even. The busiest people to master a language and unlock their potential – anytime, anywhere. Global Link Education students can learn English, German, French, Spanish. And more in small groups or individual.
Education is now more accessible to students worldwide thanks to online learning. Students from any rural area can take part in a live online class. Students who work during the day can log in in the evenings to complete their schoolwork.
Since the pandemics started in 2020, the value of online learning has become plain. The global situation is constant changing, and students’ access. To online education has helped them navigate all The recent ups and downs.

Bridging the gap between Technology and Education

Global Link Education bridges the gap between technology and education. A curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform that includes interactive textbooks, analytics, and assessment. Support – all in one place and easy to use. Live streaming, in particular, is a high beneficial technology for distance learning. And video enables real-time interaction and a virtual classroom environment. Capturing lectures also allows professors to save and upload videos. To their online teaching platforms for students to watch if they missed the session. Or need to re-watch a part of the lesson.

Strict adherence to the tuition code

Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Trust, and Care are central to the tutoring services. Any violation of the Tuition Code of Ethics and Conduct policy. Will result in the tutor’s engagement with. Global Link Education tutoring Services being stop immediately.
Trusted Tutors
Our stringent tutor screening and selection process ensure that our tutors have. The necessary qualifications experience, and attitude to be successful tutors. Before providing tutoring services. All tutors must provide proof of their identity and qualifications.
Communicate Direct to your teacher
Messages sent via our platform are automatic routed to tutors. Direct receive instant responses and automated notifications in your email inbox. Before inviting tutors for a demo, discuss their tutoring needs and requirements.
Begin learning prompt
Once your Online English tutoring trial class is complete. You can enter into a direct tuition service commitment with your chosen tutor. You will incur no costs other than tuition fees paid direct to your tutor.
Personalized Tuition Service
Every tuition inquiry is follow up with a phone call to ensure. That we understand the tuition needs. We will identify and recommend the best-qualified tutors who match your needs. For international students, we provide a tuition fee facilitation service. Students can pay to Global Link Education, and we will release. Tuition fees only when you are satisfies with the tuition lesson.

Guaranteed tuition satisfaction: 100 percent

Our students are satisfies with. Our online or in-home tutoring services. In the unlikely event. That you are dissatisfies 100% of your first lesson fees are refund. Terms and conditions apply.

Online English Tutoring One-on-One

The guided learning tutorials at. Global Link Education are intend to get you. Where you want to go in your English learning journey. The Global Link Education is differentiate from other teaching institutes. As our platform-exclusive tools allow you to continue. Improving before and after your expert teacher’s tutorial.
Determine your skill level
Before your tutorial, you can take a short placement test. Which will allow the tutor to prepare learning materials. Tailored to your stage of learning. Alternative, if you want to dive right in, you can.

Online English Tutoring from anywhere

Improve your English proficient and confidence by engaging. In real-life conversations with friendly tutors. You only need your device! Global Link Education is a live video chat-based online English learning platform. That connects English language learners with qualified and Experienced teachers for private sessions. Teachers with a computer and Internet access can teach from anywhere.


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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