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Computer Science

Computer Science

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Online Computer Science Course


Computer defined as the scientific study of computers and computing, as well as their conceptual and applied systems and tools. Algorithm development, software and hardware development, and artificial intelligence are all areas where computer science applies mathematical, engineering, and logic principles.


Computer Science is made easy with Global Link Online Tutoring


Global Link Education provides the best Computer Science Online tutoring services. Our goal is straightforward. “To make your child the best in his or her class.” Our expert tutors are always ready to assist students in meeting their academic goals, whether to be a class topper or to score higher grades than the last time.


Global Link Education offers Online Computer Science Courses


Let us know what you’re seeking for and what you’re willing to take part in, and we’ll design a tutoring course according to your needs. Our extensive knowledge of the Science courses enables us to provide your child with the best possible learning experience. As well as, our tutors will stay updated on your progress to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Why learn Online Computer Science Courses from Global Link Education?


Parents and teachers have confidence in Global Link Education.

Parents all over the world trust Global Link Education as being the most reliable tutoring platform. Schools use our tutors to supplement their teaching because they achieve high results. We work with over 10000 teens worldwide to close learning gaps and help them achieve their goals.


A Flexible and Guided Certification Program


We offer a flexible and guided certification program for technology professionals looking to advance their careers.


An Expert team to assist you


From subject and level to exam board and personality fit, our experienced professional tutor-matching team can match your child with the best tutor for their needs. They are always open to listening, respond to questions, and provide you with the individually tailored help you need.


Online Meeting Software


To meet with students in real-time, we use Online Meeting Software. You need an Internet Connection Meeting online that allows for screen sharing, allowing students to follow example calculations, and instructors to guide the student in problem-solving.


Separate Staff for female students


We have competent and well-learned staff from both genders (male and female). We have also designed sections gender-wise so that students can feel free to learn and be involved in the class.

A female tutor is responsible for a group of females as a class and vice versa.


Study with Ease


You can join us according to your ease in a daily class.

We offer three classes a day morning, afternoon, and evening Class for your comfort. On the recommendation of a minimum of ten students, special courses can be organized. Join our biweekly class for two hours at night.


Personalized Tutorings


We also offer a personalized tutor for those who want to schedule online Quran classes by themselves.

Individual assignments are given weekly to relate to taught topics and self-scientific findings from the projects submitted by the students are shared with others, which means sharing knowledge for daily classes. We have a one-on-one meeting and discussion class every Friday, and Completing assignments and attending class lectures is mandatory to get a certification after the course completion.


The Best Computer Science Course in the Town


Global Link Education offers a Basic Computer Science course that is best for the students waiting for the results after exams. This course teaches the basics of computer sciences like MS Office, MSExcel, and PPT. We also teach information about the tools Java Programming, HTML5, CSS etc. Joining this course will be helpful to make your time profitable and save you from the waste of time.


Project-Based learning


We promote project-based learning that makes this subject accessible and understandable for students.


Do you tutor subjects other than Computer?


Yes, Academic Tutoring is available for many subjects including Economics, Maths, Urdu, Marketing, and Business.


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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